Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy June!

Hello Sock Knitters!

We're down to the last month of "Spring." I thought I'd conduct an informal survey and see how everyone's doing on their 4. Please comment below how you're doing, and let us know if you're looking for inspiration to complete Spring goals.

I'm in need of some summer inspiration myself. If you've found some great yarns, patterns (or the two combined), let us know.


knitting2relax said...

4 pairs done - 2 adult, 2 child.
One adult sock done yesterday, keeping going.
These are my first socks so I'm still inspired.

ndjen04 said...

I have one sock completely done and 3 more OTN right now, hoping to finish one over the weekend.

Redford Phyl said...

3 and 1/2 pairs done. Second sock of 4th pair is started, just finished the heel on sock #1 of pair #5 and I have 3" on sock #1 of pair #6. I have 3 on the needles because I've been having a regular frog-fest lately. In all honesty, which one I work on depends on heat and humidity. When it gets hot and sticky, I switch to the pair in Panda Cotton. It's either that of stop knitting altogether.

Eva said...

My plan was to make 4 socks but 4 pairs are done. 2pairs for adults and 2 for children. Looking forward to the summersocks.

Erin said...

I've completed 3 pairs so far, 2 adult and one big-footed child. How many days until summer?