Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clarifications on The Contest

I really didn't think that people from outside the blog would read this, so here's the whole deal.

This is my own personal effort to say thank you to the great people belonging to this Knit-Along. So, to participate you have to belong to this KAL (but you can join up anytime - see the info in the sidebar!), and to qualify the picture of the socks should be posted in this blog. So take a look around if this struck your fancy, email me to get an invite, and join the fun! :)
To know more about the KAL, please read this post.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A contest!

Well, not precisely - but being the worst hostess ever for sure, I feel like I should do a bit more around here - so, here's what I had in mind:

During the current season (October 1st - December 31st) everyone who knits socks and posts a picture of them gets the chance to win some sock yarn! I have some lovely skeins from the Opal Hundertwasser collection to offer!

So, being the season of Christmas knitting, I know that some of you might knit fewer socks that normal, while others go into overdrive - so I think it will be most fair that everyone who participates gets 1 chance at the yarn. On January 1st I will write down all user names and the winner will be drawn - I thought about 1 skein per 10 entries (so if 16 people contribute two winners, for 24 three winners, and so on).