Sunday, September 2, 2007

Summer's still here...

Due to my camera problems I haven't been able to post anything for a while.
So: here are all of my socks for the summer. It's raining outside and the temperature is about 7 Celcius, so it's more like autumn already...

1st pair:

Plain vanilla sock for my dear friend, who gave me some clothes and I promised to knit her and her son a couple of socks :). Great way to get some new stuff! I love the golden colors in these socks, and I named them Golden Tiger -socks.

Number 2:

Worsted weight and quite bulky. These should keep the toes of the 3 year old warm even when it's really cold! I wanted to do something special, so these are Mirror Image-socks.

Pair 3:

Meet my 80's Retro-disco socks! Neon colors in black background.

Number 4:

Opal Flamingo socks for my own three year old. Cuff is basic 2k2p ribbing which continues on top of the foot. These are much loved.

Last but not least: pair 5 (because three quarters of my summer socks are so tiny)

Anastasia-socks from Pepperknits.

This was my first encounter with Koigu, and I loved it! I made a couple of errors which you can see, but because I'm a lazy knitter with high tolerance, I didn't frog. So sue me :)! The pattern was great.

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