Sunday, April 1, 2007

Buttons & Blogs

Wow, I never expected to start with that many people signing up - you're all just great!

I just put up all the blog links at the sidebar, from people I don't know their blog URL I just used the URL of this blog (blogger wouldn't let me leave it blank). If your name or blog is not there, spelled incorrectly, or you'd like to have other things changed, please just email me!

I also put up the first tree buttons, if you need help putting them on your blog, just email me, or I can set up a short FAQ page.

The blog buttons are right now hosted at my private homepage, so you can either download them to put them on your blog, or link directly to the buttons. The pics I used for the background are from, a really great site.

Happy knitting!


Auntly H said...

What an awesome list! How exciting.

Thanks for doing the buttons. How to choose???

knitting2relax said...

Thanks for the buttons. Great that there is a selection!