Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy "Spring!"

It's the official start of our season, so I thought I should pop over and say hello!

Amy Z: so far there are no official patterns. You get to knit whatever socks strike your fancy. I find the season directing my selections, but that's not a requirement either.

But, that brings to mind a question for the group... Are you interested in picking one pattern per season that we all try together?

Barbara and/or I will be working on adding links to all participants' blogs (if you have them) into the sidebar soon. Also, I believe we will set up a Flickr group for our pictures. I'll let Barbara explain that as I just set up an account there.

I must admit, I cast on my first 4SaS sock last night - just couldn't wait! We'll be traveling in April and not near a computer most of the time so you may not see photos until the end of the month, but I'll update you all when we return!

Happy knitting!

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